Farming Tips

Posted on May 5th, 2019, 04:05 PM by Terry Kim

Spend less effort, get more loot.

As of April 2019, when this guide was written, farming is often best in the following form.
  1. Do your legendary contracts
  2. Clear the daily challenge to get the elysian keys (optional, only applies if you need either the materials or the vanity items)
  3. Grind away in the highest difficulty Stronghold you can manage without great difficulty.
    For now, the best mission to do this is the Heart of Rage. This stronghold, despite being placed late in the game plot, is actually the easiest stronghold to complete, thanks to a couple of factors:
    • There are less turrets, hunters, and enforcers than any other stronghold. This allows players to carry out the mission without having to worry about challenging mechanics that demand their full attention.
    • Fair mechanics: The other missions have mechanics that can be rather unreasonable from the player’s perspective, such as the bad collision on the Titans’ fire rings, or the spinning blade kills in the Scar Temple. Unlike these, the Heart of Rage features only very straight-forward mechanics that you just follow along without difficulty.
    • Less wasted time: There are much less time-wasting factors in this mission. The boss has phases, but does not periodically crawl up in a hole, or make themselves invulnerable until certain measures are taken. Kill enemies, move to next area. Do some damage, move to next area. Rinse and repeat, without wasted time in between.
    • Monsters spawn in very predictable locations, lessening the likelihood of “random deaths from stray bullets” occurring.

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