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Posted on May 5th, 2019, 04:05 PM by Terry Kim

Improve your chances of getting the gear you want to best suit your build.

As a new player. Crafting may seem like a small area not worth looking at. The game drops items in abundance, and there are so many configurations for you to already try out, that ‘spending materials’ to craft items may not seem like the best use of your time. However, crafting can be very rewarding – depending on the circumstances.

Before we start, my personal recommendation on crafting would be to ‘try it out’ if you like, but save up your purple and orange embers (along with some of the other materials) until:
  • You are level 30
  • Have at least one masterwork weapon (or have read the masterwork+ weapons guide, to know what unique bonuses each offers)
  • And have a pretty good idea of what would be a build worth trying out.

Before this point, any crafted items are often wasted, as each immediate level usually offers equipment that vastly outperform any from previous levels (except for weapons and components for purely gear-oriented Storm javelins).

In time, you find a weapon or gear you like, and want to center your build around it. Item drops from missions will help this process, but you will also find that you get the right bonuses on the wrong item, or the wrong bonuses on the right item. Crafting will help greatly in quickly achieving a solid loadout.

That being said, this brief guide will cover the basics of crafting.

Crafting has item requirements: Raw materials and blueprint.

There are 4 forms of raw materials:

  • Chimeric Compound, in the form of a leaf icon, commonly harvested from organic life, such as blue mushrooms.
  • Chimeric Alloy, in the form of broken shards, commonly harvested from red mineral crystals and other mineral nodes.
  • Embers, in the form of shards in the color to match the tier of equipment. These are found in any of the natural resource nodes, as well as treasure chests. They are also recovered from salvaging equipment of the same tier.
  • Javelin/Weapon parts, found in piles of scraps, as well as treasure chests. Also recovered from salvaging corresponding types of equipment.

All of these materials can also be bought from the crafting store, if harvesting isn’t in your interests, or you lack something specific. The store can be accessed by talking to the shopkeeper by the forge, or through the menu: [Esc]-[Featured]-[Hold Escape]-[Crafting].

The other requirement is blueprints. You are required to have the blueprint of the equipment, in order to craft it. These are gained through challenges, which can be viewed in your journal.

  • Tier 1 Challenges require enemy kills using the weapon, and reward green(uncommon) blueprints.
  • Tier 2 Challenges require elite kills using the weapon, and reward blue(rare) blueprints.
  • Tier 3 Challenges require legendary kills using the weapon, and reward purple(epic) blueprints.
  • Masterwork Challenges require legendary kills using the weapon, and unlock the masterwork blueprint of itself; As the original type of weapon (e.g., Devastator - Truth of Tarsis) do not count toward the challenge, this means that in order to craft a masterwork weapon, you must acquire a copy of it through missions first.

Gear blueprints are acquired through completing missions or world events with the corresponding gear slotted.

  • All tier Challenges have the same type of requirements - the only difference being the number of completions required for the challenge.
  • Masterwork Challenges require completions of Grandmaster 1+ difficulty missions. As with weapons, the ‘original’ type of gears do not count, and you must own and slot the masterwork+ gear with the same name, in order to acquire the blueprint.

Component blueprints function a little differently; You must achieve Loyalty levels of each faction- Arcanists, Freelancers, and Sentinels. Loyalty is gained by completing missions (including contracts) for that faction, or picking up collectible objects throughout bastion (e.g., Arcanist runes for Arcanists).

  • Arcanist Loyalty unlocks weapon sigils
  • Freelancer Loyalty unlocks universal components (ammunition, flight, armor, etc)
  • Sentinel Loyalty unlocks javelin-specific components
  • As with weapons and gears, level 1 unlocks uncommon, level 2 rare, and level 3 epic tier blueprints. Each of these loyalty levels also unlock new appearance-related items, as a bonus.

Again, I'd still advise you to save up your materials until you have a good feeling of what build - and what playstyle suits you, acquire a few pieces through natural gameplay, then start building around it by adding crafting to the process. There are numerous types of weapons and components, each with a masterwork+ version offering unique bonuses, so try out a few, before hastily deciding where you want to spend all your materials!

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