Posted on May 5th, 2019, 04:05 PM by Terry Kim

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly, and Lifetime Challenges await you in the Bastion.

Challenges are available in the Cortex.

Permanent/Lifetime Challenges

Listed under various categories. These reward you with gold, raw materials, or blueprint unlocks, depending on the category. The general pattern is as follows:

  • Weapons: accomplished through kills made using the corresponding weapons. Unlocks blueprints of that weapon.
  • Gear: accomplished through completing missions or world events with the corresponding gear slotted in your loadout. Unlocks blueprints of that gear.
  • Factions: accomplished through doing missions (contracts included) for each faction. Arcanist Loyalty unlocks weapon sigil blueprints, Freelancer Loyalty unlocks universal component blueprints, and Sentinel Loyalty unlocks javelin-specific component blueprints. All three categories also reward you with additional vanity unlocks, such as javelin wear state and platings.
  • Any other categories: various objectives that award gold
Daily/Weekly/Monthly Challenges

The timed challenges are under "Path to Glory". Each of these will change every day/week/month, and reward you upon completion. The rewards contain various amounts of coin and crafting materials, notably the masterwork embers. Check each separate entry to see how much time you have remaining to complete the objective. Dailies reset at 5AM PST / 8AM ET, Weeklies on Tuesday at the same time, and Monthlies likely at the 30th, at the same time as well.

A new addition, Elysian dailies were added. These function like other dailies, but the reward is an Elysian key, which can be used to open Elysian chests that spawn at the end of strongholds. These chests contain unique vanity items and crafting material bundles, of which you are given one random one each time you open a chest.

Note: The reset times are not officially announced by Bioware, and may differ / be subject to change. Please refer to your in-game challenge section of the journal for confirmation

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