Mission Types Explained

Posted on May 5th, 2019, 04:05 PM by Terry Kim

A brief summary of each mission type

There are 5 general types of missions.

Critical path is the main story, which unlocks various missions around Bastion, namely Strongholds. Sometimes, these are locked behind certain achievements or clearing of certain side missions. Be sure to do these in order to access the cool stuff!

Agent quests are the so-called side quests. These involve a plot around one of three agents, and it progresses somewhat along with the main plot. Progress is often locked together with critical path missions. Also, these add to your faction loyalty, depending on which faction the agent you talk to belongs to.

Strongholds are “raids” of sorts. Featuring tougher battle conditions, longer battles, tougher enemies, and additional difficulty, these offer the best loot. These are unlocked as you progress along your critical path missions.

Contracts are repeatable quests of no plot significance. These are assigned by each agent, and reward you with faction loyalty, on top of regular mission loot, helping you get closer to unlocking those blueprints. Often taking the form of 3 chains of “Go to A”, “Scout for B”, “Kill C”, contract missions seem to be randomly generated.

World Events are events that occur in Freeplay. Approach marked locations on the map, and there is a chance for a world event assigned to that region may trigger. Your cypher tells you that a mission is available nearby, and helps you carry it out. Loot is provided at the end of each World Event, in a treasure chest near the location the mission ended. As Freeplay is a reliable way of harvesting materials, and completing a certain number of these may be required to progress beyond certain points in the questline, so it may be a good idea to do these time to time.

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