How Combos Work in Anthem

Posted on May 5th, 2019, 04:05 PM by Terry Kim

Extra damage, bonus elemental effects. No reason to miss out on these combos.

Combos deal a lot of bonus damage. These consist of “Primers” and “Detonators”, which each javelin has access to a number of each.

Primers are the start of the combo, and determine what properties the combo will have (Fire / Ice / Electric / Acid). The “primer” property is represented in your abilities as a filled circle within an outer circular outline ###insert icon_combo_primer.png###- and are visible both in the forge and in mission gameplay. Some examples include the Storm’s Frost Shards, or the Ranger’s melee attack (other javelins’ melee detonate the combo instead). Priming enemies are easier for weaker targets, while stronger enemies take longer and require more hits to be primed.

Detonators finish the combo, and can be executed by anyone- meaning that your squad member can finish your primed combos, or vice versa. Detonators are represented in your abilities as a 4-edged star###insert icon_combo_catalyst.png###. Some examples include the Interceptor’s Tempest Strike, or the melee strikes of any javelin other than the Ranger (Ranger’s melee attacks prime the target instead). The ‘combo execution’ and the bonus will be given to the player that first detonates the combo.

Detonating the combo results in different outcomes for each type of the detonating javelin.

  • Ranger: Deals extra damage to the single target
  • Colossus: Deals extra area-of-effect damage
  • Storm: Applies the target’s debuff to all enemies near the target (Note: this does not automatically prime the targets. They need to be separately primed for another combo to occur)
  • Interceptor: gains an aura matching the status effect applied by the primer.

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