Weapon Overview and Comparisons

Posted on May 5th, 2019, 04:05 PM by Terry Kim

An overview of what characteristics, strengths and weaknesses each weapon type has.

What you decide to use matters very little early game, and only starts to matter when you reach 30, have enough progress to unlock blueprints, and decide to spend materials to craft some items. Until then, try things out, use whatever “has higher numbers” but also has a good feel to it (some weapons, like abilities, feel more clunky than others, depending on the person).

Nevertheless, it is good to know what each weapon is like, so that you can plan for the future, and save the epic components that you might need until you can get a masterwork one with good bonuses. As such, here is a general comparison chart:

###Insert table with bars###
  • Assault Rifle: “Average kid”. Weapon of medium stats in everything. Note: Unique variants offer additional AOE damage.
  • Autocannon: “Minigun”. Medium per-shot damage, with extreme fire rate and ammo capacity. Requires a “wind-up” time prior to the start of each burst. Colossus & Ranger only. Note: Unique variants offer additional single-target firepower in certain conditions
  • Grenade Launcher: “Extreme Prejudice”. Shoots grenades. Requires more thinking than the other weapon types due to the delay, but offers very high blast AOE damage. Colossus only. Note: Unique variants offer either recovery options or additional AOE damage.
  • Heavy Pistol: “Look Ma, one hand!”. High per-shot damage, low fire rate, low ammo capacity. Very similar to Marksman Rifles. Note: Unique variants offer additional single-target firepower under certain conditions.
  • Light Machine Gun: “The Athlete”. Essentially slightly weaker Assault Rifles that support auto-fire and larger magazine capacity. Note: Unique variants improve upon each weapon’s weakness.
  • Machine Pistol: “Gone in 3 seconds”. Extreme fire rate, exceptionally low per-shot damage, with medium ammo capacity, resulting in high, but limited firepower. Note: Unique variants offer offensive bonuses in close-quarter or damage taking situations.
  • Marksman Rifle: “Use both hands for your weapon”. Higher per-shot damage than the Assault rifle, but with slower fire rate. More or less the same as Heavy Pistols. Note: Thunderbolt of Yvenia, the only weapon that deals elemental damage, is under this category.
  • Shotgun: “Yeehaw” Low per-shot damage, fire rate, and ammo. Compensated by firing multiple shrapnel from one burst, offering very high damage in close quarters. Note: Unique variants offer either defensive recovery options or additional firepower.
  • Sniper: “He’s dead, Jim! And you’re out of bullets”. Exceptionally high damage, exceptionally low fire rate, and exceptionally poor ammo capacity. The Devastator, unlike the other two sniper rifles, deal additional AOE blast damage equivalent to emptying a whole clip of many other weapons. However, it is limited by its ammo capacity, with only 1 shot per clip, for a total of five shots. It is notable, however, that late game Interceptors can make sustained use of this rifle without the ammo bottleneck, through the dashing reload provided by Elusive Talisman, a masterwork+ Interceptor component. Note: Unique variants offer additional damage or status effects under certain conditions.

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