Elysian Caches

Elysian Cache

Posted on May 5th, 2019, 04:05 PM by Terry Kim

Extra rewards, including exclusive decals!

As of May 2019, Elysian Caches were removed from the game, and will be reintroduced in a different form later on, according to BioWare.

In April 2019, a new addition to daily challenges, Elysian dailies were added. These function like other dailies, usually requiring you to clear a type of mission, but rewards you with an Elysian key, which can be used to open Elysian caches that spawn at the end of strongholds. These Elysian caches contain unique vanity items and crafting material bundles, of which you are given one random one each time you open a cache.

There are 162 total types of rewards, and up to 4 caches can be opened each stronghold. A squad member opening a cache will open it for everyone in the squad, meaning that 4 people can contribute one key each and open all four caches, lessening the amount of keys required. As the rewards do not overlap - you can only get each reward once, this makes it so that you will need to run strongholds a minimum of 41 times in order to unlock all collectibles and collect the pack of materials, with a minimum of NO keys - should everyone else unlock the caches for you, 41 keys- should you put in your share, and 162 keys, should you choose to only play solo or unlock it for everyone.

The list of available rewards are as follows:

  • Decal: High Guard
  • Decal: Twin Fangs
  • Decal: Skull Sign
  • Decal: End Times
  • Decal: Rattle and Bite
  • Decal: Inside Out
  • Decal: Arch and Cross
  • Decal: Spear and Shield
  • Decal: Power Source
  • Decal: Overcast
  • Decal: Gear Thing
  • Decal: Face the Threat
  • Decal: Spin Grabbit
  • Decal: Grabbit Now
  • Decal: All Ears
  • Decal: War Bird
  • Decal: Emperor's Blade
  • Decal: Riverbank
  • Decal: Venerable Signet
  • Decal: In Your Guts
  • Decal: Ribcage Chorus
  • Decal: Wasting Away
  • Decal: Snapshot
  • Decal: Hunting Party
  • Decal: Old Guard
  • Decal: Wild Song
  • Decal: Underdeep
  • Decal: Marching Orders
  • Decal: Dark Flight
  • Decal: Wyvern Sighting
  • Decal: Crawler Marked
  • Decal: Skorpion Echo
  • Decal: Warning Markings
  • Decal: Tracker
  • Decal: Sharp Teeth
  • Decal: Badge of Conflict
  • Decal: Crosspath
  • Decal: Final Hand
  • Decal: Hazardous Waste
  • Decal: Core Belief
  • Decal: Coat of Armor
  • Decal: Best Left Alone
  • Decal: Borderline
  • Decal: Three-Armed Reach
  • Decal: Enemy Sighted
  • Graphic: Old Ways
  • Fabric: Silk Geometric Thorns
  • Fabric: Cotton Hammer Stroke
  • Fabric: Vinyl Sun Tiled 2
  • Fabric: Nylon Triangle Flakes
  • Fabric: Dots
  • Fabric: Vinyl
  • Fabric: Jersey
  • Leather: Diamond
  • Leather: Dusty
  • Victory: Shy Thanks
  • Victory: Super Chest Roar
  • Arrival: Breakdance
  • Arrival: Flex 2
  • Arrival: Fearsome Enter
  • Emote: Hip Hop
  • Emote: Throat Threaten
  • Decal: Sonic Boom
  • Decal: Splashdown
  • Decal: Mind's Eye
  • Decal: Fast Flight
  • Decal: Dagger Gaze
  • Crafting Material bundles, including Masterwork Embers, Chimeric Compounds, Chimeric Alloys, Weapon Parts, Ranger Parts, Storm Part, Interceptor Parts and Colossus Parts

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