Here are the four types of javelins you can pilot as the freelancer. Each page has its own thorough description, and this page merely serves to point you in the direction of your preferred gameplay style.

  • The Ranger is an all-capable, balanced type of javelin. It performs most roles very decently.
  • The Colossus the tanker type characterized by its area-of-effect firepower and shield-play, protecting the squad from enemy snipers and the likes. This makes gameplay much smoother and relatively stress-free for your squad members.
  • The Interceptor the agile melee type that can maneuver the battlefield much faster than others, with an emergency-button ultimate that can be used to revive the squad. The javelin trades in a lot of area-of-effect damage for close-quarter firepower.
  • The Storm essentially the mage, equipped with high firepower, and capable of providing a lot of debuffs for the team. The javelin utilizes elemental powers more so than conventional weapons, and boosting the elemental damage often results in a much lower physical damage compared to other javelins.

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