A bit of everything. Actually, a lot of everything.

Jack of all trades, master of.. quite a lot of them

All-rounded powerhouse. This javelin is very well-balanced, as the game says, and has one of the greatest stable, sustained firepower, with no gimmicks involved. While you may not be the best at some things, there is little that you miss out by being a Ranger. The ranger has access to Autocannons unlike other small javelins, has a high single-target firepower ability that can pierce through shields, and grenades for area-of-effect coverage.

The ranger also has valuable utility for the group, offering a protection shield that is easier to wield than that of the Storm javelin, or a bubble of extra weapon firepower that you can utilize together with your teammates to create a fast burst, which can eliminate the need to suffer through more of the enemy’s special attacks.

Notable unique component:

Vanguard’s Badge

“Performing a melee hit restores shields(Ranger Component)”. This allows for the option of engaging a weaker enemy in order to survive incoming fire.

Character Abilities

The following abilities can be used by this Javelin.

Argo's Mace

Upgraded Blast Missile: Missile explodes on impact.

Avenger's Boon

Upgraded Pulse Blast - Combo Effect: Impact.

Blast Missile

Launches a missile that explodes upon impact.

Bulwark Point

Deploys a spherical shield that blocks projectiles over the Ranger's position.

Cold Blooded

Upgraded Frost Grenade: Freezes target in place.

Ember's Lance

Upgraded Spark Beam: Fires a sustained beam of energy.

Explosive Blaze

Upgraded Inferno Grenade: Sets enemies on fire.

Frag Grenade

Thrown grenade that explodes in a large area. Impact Combo.

Frost Grenade

Thrown grenade that freezes targets in place.

Grand Opening

Upgraded Seeker Grenade: Splits into seeking submunitions.

Inferno Grenade

Thrown grenade that sets enemies on fire.

Last Argument

Upgraded Frag Grenade - Combo Effect: Impact.

Muster Point

Deploys a field that augments allies inside, increasing gun damage by 20%.

Pulse Blast

After a charge-up period, blasts pulse of raw energy. Impact Combo.

Recurring Vengeance

Upgraded Seeking Missile - Combo Effect: Impact.

Seeker Grenade

Thrown grenade that splits into submunitions that seek nearby enemies.

Seeking Missile

Launches a missile that tracks towards target. Impact Combo.

Spark Beam

Fires a sustained beam of energy.

Sticky Grenade

Thrown grenade that attaches to targets and detonates after a short delay. Impact Combo.

Tactical Onslaught

Upgraded Venom Darts: Acid darts that seek a single target.

The Gambit

Upgraded Sticky Grenade - Combo Effect: Impact.

Venom Darts

Fires a volley of 3 acid darts that seeks a single target.

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