The so-called “Thicc boi”.

"What are you trying to tell me? That I can dodge bullets?"
: No. I'm trying to tell you that when you're ready, you won't have to.

The colossus is are tankier than others by default, and have ways to withstand incoming fire, making the likelihood of “stray bullets killing you” a lot less. Dashing is replaced by a shield-raise, which blocks incoming fire in its entirety, but has a limited life each time it is brought out. The Colossus offers defensive capabilities for the team, but also contributes to the fight with notable area-of-effect firepower. The Colossus' utility comes from its ability to taunt the enemies into attacking it, which lowers their armor, and allows the other squad members to fight freely.

The playstyle is very different from that of the other javelins, since you don't have a dodge to rely on, and must take cover from hits you cannot afford to block. Mobility is also a bit limited when compared to the Ranger or Interceptor, but may be considered better than that of the Storm, especially in no-flight situations, since you do have a boosted double-jump.

It may take some time to get used to at first, but it can be very rewarding and satisfying. To everyone else, Enforcers may feel like ‘unfair’ enemies that mitigate most of your damage if not dealt from the back, but to you, they are just an inferior version of yourself. It’s honestly a lot more fun when you don’t have to cower behind pillars and debris while facing weak enemies.

Notable unique component:

Grand Entrance

Colossus Component. “Upon hard-landing, creates an explosion at the point of impact”. Yes. Superhero landing.

Character Abilities

The following abilities can be used by this Javelin.

Battle Cry

Forces enemies to attack the Colossus, and reduces enemy resistance to damage by 33%.

Best Defense

Upgraded Siege Artillery - Combo Effect: Explosive.

Black Powder

Upgraded Flak Cannon: Barrage of shells across a wide area.

Burst Mortar

Fires 4 special shells that detonate across a wide area.

Deflector Pulse

Targets are trapped inside searing walls of flames. This grenade has turned the tide on several battlefields because it is destructive and terrifying for anyone who witnesses its effects.

Fiery Reply

Upgraded Flamethrower: Fires a stream of flame.

Final Judgement

Upgraded HE Mortar - Combo Effect: Explosive.

Firewall Mortar

Creates a wall of flame that burns enemies. Lasts 20 seconds

Fist of the Crucible

Upgraded Flamethrower - Combo Effect: Explosive.

Flak Cannon

Fires a barrage of shells across a wide area.


Shoots a searing jet of flame.

Garred's Hammer

Upgraded Railgun - Combo Effect: Explosive.

High-Explosive Mortar

Fires a high-explosive shell that detonates across a large area. Detonates explosive combo.

Lightning Coil

Bolts arc to targets in front of Colossus. Detonates explosive combo.


After a brief charging period, fires an armor-piercing projectile. Detonates explosive combo.

Reaper's Onslaught

As the Legion of Dawn's Chronicler, Garred often claimed his words were his most effective hammer, because a well-timed comment could tear through the toughest armor.

Rubidium Furnace

Upgraded Firewall Mortar: Shell creates a wall of flame.

Shield Pulse

Fortified effect reduces incoming damage by 33% for the lancer and their allies.

Shock Coil

Powered coil shocks enemies across a large area.

Siege Cannon

Fires a high-explosive shell. Detonates explosive combo.

Solvent Green

Upgraded Venom Spitter: Launches glops of acid.

Titan's Hail

Upgraded Burst Mortar: Special shells burst across wide area.

Vassa's Arc

Upgraded Lightning Coil: Powered strikes hit random targets.

Venom Spitter

Launches arcing shots of acid at a rate of 200 rounds per minute.

Voltaic Dome

Upgraded Shock Coil: Shocks enemies in area of effect.

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