Fast? Check. Utility? Check. Damage? Check. Survival? ....Maybe..?

A lot more to the javelin than what early gameplay suggests.

The javelin isn't only the most mobile, but it is by far, the fastest javelin.

Jump, do the triple dash, fly for a second, and then land on the ground to reset your dash. This allows you to cover double the distance that any other javelin can in the same time. Note though, while this is very useful in freeplay or solo sessions, your teammates may not appreciate being forced into "moving in X seconds", without getting to see anything, or missing the opportunity to kill everything on the way to the goal.

As for in-depth combat, while this javelin seems highly melee-oriented, and a squishy, high-risk high-return damage dealer (which it of course can be), the interceptor is actually capable of being an “emergency button” for your entire squad. The ultimate, which may seem like a “melee berserker” mode, can be used to resurrect your entire squad, thanks to the long uptime of invulnerability it provides. Pop your ultimate and go repair your squad javelins! Ultimate upkeep is a breeze once you gear up properly late game.

Strength-wise, the Interceptor's gears are comparatively weaker than that of the other javelins, but its true strength comes from the unique playstyle it has access to, once you have access to masterwork gear.

Notable unique weapon:

Rolling Carnage- “Scout’s Advantage"

Shotgun. Dashing increases this weapon’s damage by 50% for 20 seconds. Stacks to 3. The Interceptor can activate all 3 stacks of the passive in one triple-dash, and works very well in the close-quarters the javelin may already be fighting in.

Notable unique component:

Elusive Talisman

Interceptor Component. "Dashing 3 times refills the equipped weapon magazine." This component allows the interceptor to have a unique playstyle, free from the constrictions of ammunition or melee range. A triple dash instantly refills the clip without the need of a reload, allowing the Interceptor to have much more flexibility in choosing its loadout. I personally am a fan of using weapons that have ammunition as its bottleneck, such as the Devastator (extreme area-of-effect damage sniper rifle, but only 1 shot per clip, for a total of 5 rounds), Vengeance (fast-firing shotgun, but fires 2 rounds per blast, reducing the effective clip size to 3), or any Machine Pistols (Very high effective firepower, but limited by its small ammo capacity).

Character Abilities

The following abilities can be used by this Javelin.

Absolute Zero

Upgraded Cryo Glaive: Freezing device locks onto _ targets.

Bitter Harvest

Upgraded Cluster Mine: Deploys bundle of proximity mines.

Cariff's Talon

Upgraded Sparking Spear: Explosive melee attack.

Cluster Mine

Thrown gadget that deploys a bundle of explosive proximity mines.

Cryo Glaive

Locks onto a maximum of _ targets, then throws a freezing device.

Detonating Strike

Charged melee attack that causes the target to explode after 4 seconds, triggers a larger explosion on death.

Plasma Star

Powerfully charged throwing star that melts through armor.

Rally Cry

Breaks you and allies free of all status effects.

Raneri's Charge

Upgraded Spark Dash - Combo Effect: Aura.

Ruthless Stalker

Upgraded Searching Glaive: Thrown gadget seeks out target.

Sanadeen's Repsite

Upgraded Plasma Star: Throwing star that melts through armor.

Searching Glaive

Thrown gadget seeks and destroys targets.

Serpent's Veil

Upgraded Venom Bomb: Drenches target area in acid.

Shadow Claw

Upgraded Wraith Strike: Projects ghost to target.

Spark Dash

Interceptor gathers strength, then charges target, damaging everything on path. Aura Combo.

Sudden Death

Upgraded Tempest Strike - Combo Effect: Aura.

Target Beacon

Locks onto a target, reducing their resistances by 33%. If enemy is defeated, effect jumps to another.

Tempest Strike

Powerful close-range melee strike that electrically charges the enemy. Aura Combo.

Venom Bomb

Thrown bomb drenches target area in acid for 5 seconds.

Venom Spray

Sprays a powerful cone of acid in front of the Interceptor.

Viper's Bite

Upgraded Venom Spray: Sprays a cone of acid.

Wraith Strike

Interceptor projects a ghost of itself that can warp up to 3 targets.

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