The mage of Anthem that does not associate itself with ground-walking peasants.

The mage of Anthem. Undoubtedly cool, and with a lot of userbase. You’re more of a wizard than a robot, using elemental abilities to subdue the enemy.

While the Storm feels ‘cooler’ but ‘less competent’ through the middle stage of leveling, gear bonuses later on allow you to truly be the mage, wizard, or sorcerer you dreamt of. By attuning your entire build to gear damage, you can have your Burning Orb instantly kill most enemies, or you can opt to build around gear cooldown, where you will rain an endless flurry of Flame Bursts or Frost Shards upon the battlefield. Not having to worry about remaining ammunition, or having the need to go down to pick up ammo drops can be a nice bonus factor to people that do not like to be limited by such factors.

Storm also offers by far the best support powers, by consistently priming the enemies with virtually no downtime. This can be used to boost the DPS of your squad, or be used to clear out groups of enemies instantly by yourself.

Notable unique weapon:

Avenging Herald- “Raptor’s Deadeye

Heavy Pistol. "Hovering increases weapon damage by 200%”. The Storm javelin can make use of this weapon’s bonus nearly at all times.

Thunderbolt of Yvenia

Marksman Rifle. Has a chance to deal large electric damage. This gun, unlike the others, will not be crippled by the Elemental Conduit component and its variants that a Storm specced into elemental damage might like to use.

Personal Story
  • Terryberry: *Playing a Ranger*
  • Ellie: *Taking a look at the screen* Whoa, that guy just threw a fireball and called lightning from his hands, can you do that too?
  • Terryberry: N..o, that’s a Storm thing. I’m playing a ranger. I shoot missiles and throw grenades.
  • Ellie: You’re telling me you chose to play War Machine when you could be Dr. Strange or Scarlet Witch?
  • Terryberry: …

Character Abilities

The following abilities can be used by this Javelin.

Arc Burst

Fires a lightning bolt that arcs to 2 nearby targets after impact.

Binary Star

Upgraded Living Flame: Living fire seeks enemies through walls.

Black Ice

Upgraded Glacial Spear - Combo Effect: Chain.

Burning Orb

Throw rapid bolts of fire, or choose to charge up for a more powerful exploding fireball.

Chaotic Rime

Upgraded Frost Shards: Fires a stream of target-seeking ice shards.

Flame Burst

Creates a series of fiery explosions on target location.

Frost Shards

Shoots a stream of target-seeking ice shards.

Glacial Spear

Fires a powerful blast of icy energy. Chain Combo.

Hailstorm's Renewal

Upgraded Ice Blast: Hurls chunks of ice.

Ice Blast

Hurls several large chunks of heavy ice.

Ice Storm

Detonates a series of icy explosions on the target location.

Lightning Strike

Calls down a bolt of electric energy on target location. Chain Combo.

Living Flame

Creates a being of living fire that seeks enemies—even through walls.

Ponder Infinity

Upgraded Lightning Strike - Combo Effect: Chain.

Quickening Field

Zone of power bestows Hasted effect to all inside, increasing gear recharge rate by 20%.

Seal of the Open Mind

Upgraded Shock Burst: Bouncing electrical orb seeks targets.

Shock Burst

Fires an electrical orb capable of bouncing off walls and seeking targets.

Stasis Chain

Upgraded Arc Burst: Lightning bolt arcs to 2 nearby targets.

Ten Thousand Suns

Upgraded Burning Orb - Combo Effect: Chain.

Venomous Blaze

Upgraded Flame Burst: Fiery explosions hit target locations.

Wind Wall

Creates a wall of wind at a set position that blocks projectiles.

Winter's Wrath

Upgraded Ice Storm: Detonates a series of icy explosions at the target location.

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