Ping System

Posted on May 5th, 2019, 04:05 PM by Jeremy Meisnitzer

Apex Legends ping system is a great non-verbal communication tool for relaying information quickly between teammates.

By default pressing the ping button will place a marker wherever your crosshair is pointing. This is an easy way to mark an area of interest or let your teammates know where you want to go next. However depending on what your crosshairs are pointing out, the ping can call out many different things. You can also ping while downed and help your team even while you can't fight.

Requesting Items

While your inventory is open you can request ammo, missing attachments or gear by placing your cursor over the icon pressing the ping button. You can also request utility items such as Med Kit or Shield Cells by pressing the ping button while in item selection wheel menu. After picking up an item that was dropped or pinged by a friendly player an option appears on screen to thank them.

Pinging Items / Weapons

Pinging an item will call it out to your teammates while also showing a visible icon of where the item is located. If you reply to the ping you can call dibs on it and it will stay on your minimap until you pick it up.

You can ping any of these objects to quickly call them out.

  • Weapons / Ammo / Items in the game world.
  • Enemies
  • Doors
  • Supply Drops
  • Supply Beams (Loot Crates)
  • Supply Ships
  • Pathfinder Beacons
  • Respawn Points
  • Bangalore Smoke
  • Lifeline Heal Bots
  • Wraith Portals
  • Ziplines
  • Drop Locations.
  • Tracks Bloodhound sees with their passive ability.

Ping Wheel

Holding the ping button will bring up the ping wheel allowing you to quickly pick what information you want to relay to your team. The location will be on marked on your teammates screens.

  • Enemy Here
  • Going Here
  • Looting Here
  • Defending Here
  • Watching Here
  • Someone's Been Here

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