Posted on May 5th, 2019, 04:05 PM by Jeremy Meisnitzer

Banners are customizable and can be used to display statistics and achievements. They can be picked up from fallen teammates and brought to a respawn beacon to return them to life.

Banners can be seen in-game on the stash of items where you died or hanging around the environment if you are the kill leader or part of the champion squad. Banners can be customized in various different ways.

Frames change the image background with rarer frames being animated.

Poses change the pose of your character with rarer poses being animated.

Badges (you can have up to three) that a unique icon on your banner. The basic one shows your account level while others show off in-game achievements and need to be unlocked. For example the Master of All badge requires you to win games with 8 different legends.

Trackers like badges can be used to display up to three unique things on your banner. Everyone starts with the basic one that tracks and displays how many kills you have had with that character. More unique trackers need to be crafted or unlocked with loot boxes.

For a full list of each characters banners and accompanying frames, poses and trackers visit their full character page.

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