Reviving & Respawning

Posted on May 5th, 2019, 04:05 PM by Jeremy Meisnitzer

How to revive yourself, downed teammates and even bring back players into the game.

After a players health hits 0 they won't be out of the battle. Instead they enter a downed state where all they can do is move slowly, ping and use a Knockdown Shield to block enemy fire if they have one. The squad UI in the bottom left will show an icon near the downed or dead player and around that icon is a bar that slowly depletes and shows how much time is left until the player either bleeds out or their banner is no longer able to be retrieved.

To revive a fallen player all you need to do is go over to where the player is and press the interact button. Reviving takes a couple seconds and both you and the downed player are vulnerable while reviving. Lifeline resurrects players 25% faster with her passive ability, she also raises a shield wall in front of the both players blocking incoming fire. But you don't always need a teammate to revive you, the golden version of the Knockdown Shield allows a player to self revive themselves from a downed state.

Respawning Dead Teammates

If a teammate bleeds out or gets executed before they get revived, they will die and leave a loot crate filled with all their equipment. But this doesn't mean the battle is over yet! Teammates can pick up the banner from the loot crate and bring them to respawn beacons found across the map. Note a respawn beacon can only be used once by any team. Respawn beacons can be found on your map and must be interacted with for a few seconds until a dropship is summoned that carries your fallen teammate. The teammate will jump out of this dropship and have none of the weapons or items they previously picked up.

Any weapons looted from a dead player will have the skin they used.

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