The briefer romantic interests of the Pokémon protagonists

Rondez-View Ferris wheel Nimbasa City

Posted on June 6th, 2019, 09:26 AM by Terry Kim

Brendan and May. Yancy or Curtis. But wait, there's more!

I'm sure that fans that have played the series recall some sort of a romantic relationship between a protagonist and another character in the games.

Generation III's Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire had May and Brendan be something definitely a little more than just “rivals” – later further enforced in its Generation VI remakes. Generation V’s Pokémon Black &White 2 also featured a return to player romantic interests, with a “fateful encounter” of sorts, that started with the picking up the Xtransceiver (phone) that the other character dropped in the park.

These were indeed heartwarming additions to the story, and added depth, some personal, emotional investment to the experience of playing the game. However, there is actually another, or I should say, another whole SET of “possibly romantic” encounters – open to speculation, most likely not as well known as the ones mentioned above, and definitely not official, exclusive, or lasting as long.

In generation V, all of the 4 titles (Pokémon Black & White 1 and 2) featured an amusement park in Nimbasa city, and more specifically, the Ferris wheel ride within. The games featured four seasons, and a unique character to meet by the Ferris wheel for each season, for each gender of the player character – a total of 8 characters you can meet on the Ferris wheel per title. The player could go up to the Ferris wheel, talk to the person standing in front, have a brief battle with the person, and proceed to go on the ride with them.

Sounds a little bit unusual yes, but nothing truly out of the ordinary, right?

Until the dialogue proceeds, that is, for some of them. Many of these characters seem to express a keen interest in you, with a somewhat suggestive dialogue and situation, where the player character may or may not be playing along! This section is a prime example of the so-called “Black Nintendo”, where Nintendo likes to leave little “darker” details in their games, that will most likely fly over the heads of unaware, younger players, but appeal to some others.

The “encounters” are as follows:

Season BW1 BW2
Player Character Boy Girl Boy Girl
Spring Lass Maya (Miharu) lass maya Dancer Dirk (Haruo) dancer dirk Lass Persephone (Hatsuharu)lass persephone Dancer Dirk (Haruo)dancer dirk
Summer Hiker andy (Natsumi)hiker andy Ace Trainer Austin (Natsuki)ace trainer austin Nursery Aide June (Enatsu)nursery aide june Clerk Augustin (Hironatsu)clerk augustin
Autumn Clerk Trisha (Chiaki)clerk trisha Waitress Aurora (Akira)clerk augustin Clerk Trisha (Chiaki)waitress aurora Hiker Andy (Natsumi)hiker andy
Winter Preschooler Winter (Fuyuka)preschooler winter Rich Boy Martin (Fuyuta)rich boy martin Beauty December (Mafuyu)beauty december Guitarist January (Fuyumi)guitarist january

Note: “Natsumi” is considered a very feminine name in Japan, and the English releases of the game had his dialogues entirely replaced, as his original suggestive dialogue may have been deemed too controversial for the market. This topic would be a research task for the reader yourself!