Cadence of Hyrule 101: Making the Game Easier

Ultimate cheese tool

Posted on June 20th, 2019, 05:27 AM by Terry Kim

Not everyone is great at rhythm games, especially when combined into a semi-roguelike action RPG. There are ways to make this easier without runing the gameplay experience.

Cadence of Hyrule is a crossover of the Legend of Zelda, a puzzle-oriented action-adventure game, and Crypt of the Necrodancer, a rhythm-based, hardcore roguelike. While the game features a much more lenient difficulty curve than the indie original, it can definitely still be hard for people. Here are a few tips to make this learning curve smoother - while not ruining the experience of playing the game. (That means you, fixed beat mode!)

The keywords at hand are: Link, Spear, Death shop, and Fairy.

Link: While character choice is definitely a preference, it can be said that Link is by far the easier choice between the two. Link's (and someone else's) shield offers a much more reliable way to fend off against projectiles, as the shield is cost-free when reflecting projectiles, unlike Naryu's Love, the tool Zelda has access to. This can help you save hearts by avoiding damage from pesky Octoroks, or aid you in achieving the perfect beat flawless map clear to obtain that one blue chest. Link's unique weapon, the longsword, is also a better weapon than the rapier for tightly packed dungeons, where each trip out can result in the reset of the dungeon.

Spear: The bread and butter of cheesing. While each weapon has different traits, the spear is of the most versatile, allowing the player to get a feeling of the game while eliminating enemies, without having to die as much. The extra range can be used to ignore certain mechanics (such as the the spear lizalfos, or all enemies with a single tile attack range), or to simply do more damage, by using a turn less to move, and a turn more to attack. Undoubtedly, the broadsword will be more helpful in clearing out Lynels (the half-lion archers), but the spear has the upper hand in dealing with most enemies, including the explosive puffstools. This would be your go-to weapon, in order to have an easier time with the game as a new players.

The Death Shop: The spear is your goal, and this is your means to reach it. The shop you arrive at upon death contains a shovel, a torch, a random piece of breakable equipment, and two permanent upgrades: a weapon and heart containers. The weapon available is either the broadsword or the spear, and is randomized for each new game. To make use of this, a player can choose to begin a new game, die to the closest enemy, and check the death shop - until the shop has the weapon of their desires in stock. Once that is checked, the player can either earn 6+ diamonds somewhere and die, to get access to the shop again, or simply pick an easy map for them to clear for 1~2 diamonds, die, rinse and repeat. As the game randomizes where each permanent item is placed, doing this to secure the spear early on can guarantee you a much smoother early game.

The first fairy: Once you have the spear, it is time to go look for the fairy. The fairy provides the player with useful upgrades (the first fairy provides emerald and obsidian, which are poison / multiplier-based damage, respectively), and heals the player for free, an endless number of times. The emerald infusion, paired with the range of the spear, will allow you to walk away from most encounters unscathed. When you do run low on health, you can come back to the fairy for a risk-free heal, provided you can run away from the scene(which will be a guaranteed option once you obtain the Lute). As such, it is advised that anyone having trouble ignore monsters in the overworld, and go cave-delving to find the one the fairy resides in.

These tips, whether separately or all as a whole, should allow you to survive early game at ease, which you can use to get used to the feel of the game better. Eventually, you will outgrow the cheese-strategy, but the process of getting there will undoubtedly be shorter and easier.

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