The Basics & Common Questions on Dota Underlords

Image of a match in Dota Underlords

Posted on June 29th, 2019, 10:06 PM by Jeremy Meisnitzer

This guide aims to answer common questions and help you understand how things work in Dota Underlords.

How long does a match last?

Matches can range anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes depending if you are winning or losing.

How do winning and losing streaks work?

Streaks take into effect after a certain number of wins or losses in a row.


  • 3-4 losses – 1 gold
  • 5-6 losses – 2 gold
  • 7 wins – 3 gold
  • 8 wins – 4 gold

Note that win streaks reset after 8 wins.


  • 3-4 losses – 1 gold
  • 5+ losses – 2 gold

What is the shared Hero Pool?

There is a limited amount of heroes available in a single match. This limit is shared across all players in the match and means if one player has taken 7 Crystal Maidens there will be 7 less Crystal Maidens available for everyone else. You can view more details on hero availability on our Here Roll Chance Guide.

Heroes are returned to the shared pool when a player sells them or is defeated and knocked out of the match.

The following are the current maximum amounts of units available in a single patch per hero tier (cost).

  • Tier 1: 45
  • Tier 1: 30
  • Tier 1: 25
  • Tier 1: 15
  • Tier 1: 10

Chances of Receiving a High Tier Hero

Not all heroes are created equally and higher tier heroes might come with better stats or more powerful abilities. The odds of receiving high tier heroes increases each time you level up. Check out the odds for every level and tier here.

How do Heroes choose their targets?

Heroes generally attack the enemy that is the closest to them.

Note: Many Assassins jump to the furthest hero away as they are used to attack the back line.

When do Heroes use their abilities?

Heroes will cast their abilities and spells if they have the required amount of mana and the ability is not on cooldown. Note that the silence effect will stop Heroes from using their abilities but it does not stop passive abilities from working.

Heroes can mana when taking or dealing damage.

How far away is a cell? Do diagonals count?

A cell is 1 space on the board and diagonal cells that touch count as 1 cell away. This means something that affects units 1 cell away will work on all heroes touching the 8 adjacent cells.

Do copies of Heroes give credit towards Alliances?

No having more than 1 of the same Hero on the board does not give more credit towards an Alliance. Unique heroes are required.

Do Alliance effects continue if a Hero dies?

Yes. Alliance synergy bonuses continue even if members of that alliance have died.

Does Silence stop item usage?

No item effects still work while a Hero is silenced.

Can "once per battle" items be used multiple times if you have multiple copies?

Yes. The once per battle condition only applies to the hero with that item.

Do Global items that affect Alliances stack?


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