Weapon and Armor: Tempering Cost, Crafting Cost and Images Added

Posted on April 5th, 2019, 02:17 AM by Jeremy Meisnitzer

Just like the game, this game guide has been in early access. Today we have a couple changes to improve the weapons and armor sections of the guide.

First we would like to say thank you for visiting this website and being patient as we update our game guide for The Elder Scrolls: Blades. It's been a slow process and we promise to keep working hard.

We have added ingredient and time cost for crafting and tempering all armor, weapons and shields. After taking way longer than I care to admit, we now have their accompanying images too. These images come directly from the 3D models from the game files. We have also added better filtering options to the equipment pages.

This weeks plan: In the coming days we will add the exact values to each enchantment and the bonus enchantment percentage chances. After that the goal is to add an enemy page that shows their exact health, experience, resistances, etc per monster. Then we will work more on the town section, adding decorations and details on the crafting buildings to the guide.

If you have any feedback on the guide or would like to requests things for us to cover on the game please contact us.

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