Datamined Information on PvP, Guilds, Town Visiting and More!

Posted on April 6th, 2019, 02:39 PM by Jeremy Meisnitzer

We have found images and references to various features that might be coming in future updates. However, it's important to note that things might change before release or not come out at all.


First let's go over the guild system. We have found 53 images to select from for your guild banner that range from cute bunnies all the way to dragons.

Perhaps even more interesting than being able to choose a banner is the ability to exchange items with guild mates. The data we found suggests you would be able request one item every 8 hours from your guild and a member can fulfill that by donating the item to you. Donations have a cooldown of 1 hour. The only item we have found that you can request is a placeholder for 90 Iron Bars. We believe you will be able to request many different items but there has been no evidence if it is only crafting items or actual equipment too. If we had to guess it would only be crafting materials.

Below are a few of the related strings we found in the game code. These suggest that were will be multiple guild ranks for members and a system to rank your guild based on how many trophies the guild has earned. Plus a place in the game menus to text chat with guild members with a maximum of the last 200 messages displayed.

  • "Choose a guild banner"
  • "{0} Wants to join the guild"
  • GuildExchangeData
  • GuildMessageBoardData _messageBoard
  • int _defaultRequestCooldownSeconds = 28800
  • int _defaultDonationCooldownSeconds = 3600
  • UI.Guild.Create.Region
  • UI.Guild.Ranks.GrandMaster
  • UI.Guild.Search.Scores.TrophyPointsRange

PvP Arena

Speaking of trophies. Trophies will be earned from PvP and determine your rank and what arena you fight in and will be used for matchmaking. Trophies are earned or lost for winning or losing a battle. You also earn crafting materials and gold for a win or loss but all the values are in the code is placeholders. Below is every arena currently in the game and the required trophy count.

Arena Trophies
Old Arena 0
Frozen Battleground 1000
Dragonwood Arena 2000
Legionnaire Field 3000
Coliseum of Antiochus 4000
Imperial Arena 5000

Here is a description of placement matches and ranking directly from the game.

"Before you can kick off your competitive career, every player must first complete 10 placement matches to obtain their initial skill rating. This rating will be a number between 1 and 5000, with higher values indicating a greater skill level. Skill ratings and tier icons will be visible at the beginning of every match. As you compete, your rating will increase or decrease with each win or loss based on a number of factors, including your own performance."

The only image found for PvP is a banner for Mode.

Below again are a few strings we found related to PvP.

  • UI.Arena.Intermission.NextRound
  • UI.Arena.Intermission.Title - REVIEW YOUR LOADOUT
  • UI.Arena.Loadout.ChangeGear
  • UI.Arena.Loadout.PreSeason
  • UI.Button.Pvp.Concede
  • UI.Pvp.OpponentShowcase.TimeRemaining

The code shows that the PvP mode will have seasons and as for how long a season will last we are not sure. Right now there is only placeholder data for the rewards you receive after a season ends - 5 Leather, 50 Gems and 200 Gold. We are confident that the rewards will change based on your rank and will be a lot better than the placeholder values. There is a reference to a premium pass for the PvP seasons (_premiumPassReward) but we are not confident on what this means exactly. Could it be a battle pass similar to those found in Fortnite and Apex Legends? We really have no idea.

Visiting Towns

There isn't much data on this but it does look like you will be able to visit friends towns.

  • Welcome to {0}, {1}'s level {2} town.
  • Leave this town and return home?

Jewelry Grading

We have had a list of Jewelry on the this game guide since the start but there is some interesting information to share. Similar to enchanting and tempering you will be able to grade rings and necklaces giving them an effect that gives bonus ranks to either spells for rings and abilities for necklaces. There are 6 levels of jewelry grading compared to 10 for tempering.

  • JewelryGradeRarityEntry _jewelryGradeRarityList
  • ArmsmanBonusRanks
  • AbsorbBonusRank

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