Steel Hand Axe

Sell Value209
Type: Cleaving
Required Level1
Smithy Level2

"Every Nord with any sense takes a Steel Hand Axe with them before venturing into the unknown."


Perks like Armsman and Barbarian might modify the damage values you see in game. The values listed on this page are the base values before any modifications.

Tempering Ranks & Cost

Ranks above flawless require the Advanced Tempering perk.

Rank Damage Block Durability Cost
Fine 2815 65
Superior 3016 69
Remarkable 3317 75
Exquisite 3618 83
Magnificent 4121 94
Flawless 4523 105
Exemplary 5025 118
Sublime 5427 130
Majestic 6332 158
Mystical 7236 188

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