Exit the Gungeon Character List and Abilities Explained

Exit the Gungeon Characters

Posted on September 23rd, 2019, 02:09 PM by Jeremy Meisnitzer

Gungeoneers are the characters in the world of Exit the Gungeon. This guide goes over all the starting and hidden Gungeoneers and their abilities.

Starting Characters
Gungeon Pilot
Disarming Personality: Passive 15% discount at all shops.
Gungeon Soldier
Military Training: Better Reload speeds and weapon accuracy.
Gungeon Hunter
Dog: Follows the player around and picks up currency around the level.
Gungeon Convict
Enraging Photo: Deal extra damage for a short time after getting hit.
Hidden & Unlockable Characters

Characters are unlocked by exiting the Gungeon with one character. Exit the Gungeon with all starting characters to unlock all hidden characters.

Gungeon Bullet
Live Ammo: No longer take damage from touching an enemy and increases damage dealt when rolling into an enemy.
Gungeon Cultist
Banana Jam Hands: Increases rate of speed that your weapon is transformed.
Gungeon Robot
Blown Fuse: Creates a blank effect upon collecting a power up. This character has no hearts and cannot gain health. Instead the robot uses armor.