Pokémon GO Search Strings Cheat Sheet

Pokmon listing in Pokmon GO

Posted on July 16th, 2019, 05:56 PM by Jeremy Meisnitzer

These phrases allow you to filter and find certain Pokémon using the search bar. Legendary, lucky, perfect IV and much more can all be easily found.

Filtering By Name

Will find any Pokémon with that name or nickname.

Example Result
Charmander Finds all Charmander.
+Charmander All Pokémon in the evolution line. (Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard)
Firestarter Returns any Pokémon that have been nicknamed Firestarter.

Filtering By Pokédex Number

Every Pokémon has a number that corresponds to it's place in the Pokédex.

Example Result
5 All Pokémon with that Pokédex number. Charmander in this case.
1-5 Shows all the Pokémon with a Pokédex number of 1-5.
5- Shows all Pokémon with a Pokédex number above 5.
-5 Shows all Pokémon with a Pokédex number below 5.

Filtering By Pokémon Stats (CP, HP or IV)

Want to know which of your Pokémon has perfect stats or has the most health? These strings got you covered. Note: IVs are a 1-15 stat scale, this means certain % are not possible.

Example Result
0* Pokémon with IV (Stats) 48.9% and below.
1* Pokémon with IV (Stats) between 51.1% and 64.4%.
2* Pokémon with IV (Stats) between 66.7% and 80%.
3* Pokémon with IV (Stats) between 82.2% and 97.8%.
4* Pokémon with IV (Stats) 100%.
cp2000 Any Pokémon with that exact CP.
cp2000-3000 Any Pokémon with CP between 2000 and 3000.
hp2000 Any Pokémon with that exact HP.
hp2000-3000 Any Pokémon with HP between 2000 and 3000.

Filtering By Keywords

There is a surprisingly large amount of keywords that let you find all sorts of different Pokémon. For example Evolve lets you find all Pokémon that have met their candy or requirements and are able to evolve.

Example Result
alola / alolan Pokémon in their Alolan forn.
costume Event Pokémon such as Santa Hat Pikachu
defender Pokémon currently defending gyms.
eggsonly Baby Pokémon
evolve Pokémon that have met their evolution requirements and are able to evolve.
female Pokémon of the female gender
male Pokémon of the Male gender
genderless Genderless Pokémon
hatched Pokémon that hatched from an egg.
item Pokémon that require an item to evolve.
legendary Legendary Pokémon
lucky Lucky Pokémon
mythical Mythical Pokémon
purified Purified Pokémon
shadow Shadow Pokémon
shiny Shiny Pokémon
traded Pokémon received from trades.

Special Criteria

Example Result
@weather Pokémon currently boosted weather conditions.

Filtering by Moves

Using the @ sign you can find any Pokémon with that move. Note that these strings can be combined: @dragon&2ice would find a Pokémon with any dragon move and also has a charged ice move.

Example Result
@thunder Pokémon that have the move Thunder.
@electric Pokémon with Electric type moves.
@1electric Pokémon with a fast Electric type move.
@2electric Pokémon with a Charge Electric type fast move.
@3electric Pokémon with a secondary Charge Electric type move.
@move Pokémon that can learn an additional charged move.
!@move Pokémon who have already gained an additional charged move.

Advanced filtering

You can use the various filters / strings mentioned up above with logical operators, to further constrain your search.

  • Comma [ , ] functions as OR. "Fire,Flying" will return both Charmander and Pigeotto (and more).
  • Ampersand [ & ] functions as AND. "Fire&Flying" will return Charizard and Moltres, but neither Charmander nor Pigeotto.
  • Exclamation [ ! ] functions as NOT. "!Charizard" will return all Pokémon that are not Charizard.

By using these in conjuction with the others, you can make specific, useful strings such as: [machop&!3*&!4*&cp1000-] which will return all Machops under 82%, but higher than 1000 in CP for easier marking & trading.