Airman Will.. Die

Posted on May 23rd, 2019, 10:45 PM by Terry Kim

The infamous boss "Airman" of Mega Man 2 has a huge weakness, that the creators of the song did not know of.

"Airman ga taosenai" / "Airman will not die" sings of a catch-22 situation, where the player struggles, and needs Item #2 from Airman, in order to clear the Heatman stage. The song then goes on to bring up that Airman is too hard, and that they need the Leaf Shield from Leafman in order to fight off Airman - which then again, leads to Leafman being too hard to defeat.

However, unlike what the song suggests, Airman is actually much easier - and arguably one of the easiest bosses when fought head-on with basic attacks, without using the Leaf Shield, or taking a lot of time to play evasively. As counter-intuitive as it is for a run-and-gun style game, Airman is best fought rambo-style. As long as one avoids direct contact, the player should emerge victorious from a frontal shootoff.