Gender Fluidity

gender fluidity saints row 2 character creation

Posted on May 26th, 2019, 08:45 PM by Terry Kim

Saints Row 2 offered a bold approach to the gender spectrum unprecedented in the industry for its time (perhaps to this day, as well).

Saints Row 2 is the first game to offer a non-binary, gender fluid perspective on gender identity.

In character creation, all of the factors that video games have attributed to genders previously are customize-able. The buttons for "male" and "female" exist, but only serve as preset templates to build a cis-gender character with ease, by applying a set value for "body shape" "muscularity" and "personality".

Each of these slidebars can be changed as desired by the player, allowing the player character to be anything - ranging from a regular ol' military guy, the cheerleader, to a character with somewhat "muscular, testosterone-y physique", with long hair, sleek face, and a deep voice - whatever you desire to play as, with no restrictions bound under the term 'gender'.

Unfortunately, this feature was removed from its sequel, Saints row: The Third